Tuesday, 26 February 2013



So, thought I would show you all my decorated wrist this morning:
1) The heart bracelet I found in my jewellery box, totally forgot I had it! I think we should all have a root around in our jewellery boxes, or whatever form of storage you choose, you may find some wonders! 
2) Second bracelet was handmade by my aunt, she's got such talent, I'm currently in the process of trying to help her start up her business. She's not had the best life, but is so talented and is something she's passionate about so I want her to pursue it with all her might! Because she's a wonderful aunt!
3) My 18th birthday present from my parents. Tiffany's finest, every girl should get some sort of Tiffany's piece for their 18th, coming of age, whatever! It's beautiful, and coincidentally has 18 black onyx beads, we were meant to be!

So guys, have a root around, start making your own and treasure those meaningful pieces, whatever shape or form they may take!

Amy x

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