Sunday, 24 February 2013

Green is Good!

Feeling Green?

Always a fan of the green; mange tout, broccoli, recycling, green of any sweet and green blouses! This blouse is a Jack Wills finest. The brand has got a dirty stigma attached to it, I mean yes they do have some clothes that scream HI I AM FROM JACK WILLS, but then they have beautifully understate pieces like this. This silk blouse is so beautifully shaped and cut, these photos don't do the detail of the design any justice. Honest guys, before you dismiss JW, check out their pieces that aren't plastered with branding and you'll find some real gems. And 75% of the time they're worth the cost, they're quality is top notch. My jeans are also from JW and I have to say they're the best quality jeans I have owned - second only to my Levis that I've had for ten years (albeit they're now shorts, purely because of my change in height, but still)! So I genuinely recommend you keep your minds open chaps. And if you're a fan already then, well yay for you! I am also coming to terms with my blindness, I am so glad glasses have come more and more into fashion, otherwise I never would have bagged myself these tortoiseshell Ray-Bans!

Amy x

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