Sunday, 24 February 2013

Imaginary Haul!

Imaginary Haul!

So my bank balance is not looking particularly healthy at the moment, so I thought I would do an imaginary haul of all things new, that I would get if I wasn't broke and in Topshop. They've got some delicious prints, and new shapes going on this season. If anyone watched the Unique show, then you'll know what I mean when I say, Topshop is definitely going in the right direction. Rarely they get it wrong, but sometimes it can be slightly unpredictable. Like right now, I am really not understanding this whole 'Geek' labelled sweater thing, so far from my cup of tea I feel like it is a definite bid to rake in those profits Sir Phillip! Nonetheless, they've got some truly interesting items that I know you fellow high street shoppers will adore:

^ First on my list are these spotted wide leg trousers. Oh my lordy, put them with the white Versace inspired blouse a few pictures down and you've got yourself a modern twist on a 50s era dream. I am also a sucker for red, so I feel like my overdraft is calling when I see these red sandals, a definite must for Summer parties and all those weddings I know we'll all be dragged to. 

^ Above are some items I am seriously considering breaking the bank for, they'll be perfect for my classy Caribbean getaway, that is now only a mere 3 weeks away! Again, a massive sucker for red and I am so glad it has infiltrated Topshop this season! The Ikat bralet will look perfec under a blouse or jacket for nights out and well, in the Caribbean you can definitely get away with wearing it out in the day. The sandals, probably won't work so well out there, but I just really want them, and have decided I do not need an excuse. 

Go and check out the new stuff in Topshop guys, you won't be disappointed.


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