Saturday, 2 February 2013

New Shoe Alert

New Shoe Alert!

So I went a little mad this month and ended up buying two new pairs of shoes...
...ut they were both in the sale for amazing prices so I feel a little less bad. Now I just have to find an occasion to wear them! 
First pair were a purchase from Topshop, £30 reduced from something over £60! They're not usually my style, but am looking forward to styling them with something, will keep you posted! 

Second pair, are exactly what I have been on a hunt for AND more. Check out that pop of purple colour guaranteed to make any outfit just that little bit more interesting. We're going for a girly dinner on Sunday and I think I am going to crack them out then, will show you the outcome! Plus they were a Zara bargain for only  £9.99 these puppies were mine, one of the perks of having small feet is that the small sizes tend to be left over at the end. Yay for size 4s!

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