Sunday, 3 February 2013



My great friend Mike and I utilising our weekend as students should...with rum, vodka and animal prints.
I am definitely a weekender. It's probably because my weekdays consist of waking up early and spending my whole day in the library and/or lecture rooms then topping it off with an evening gym session, aka exhausting. So this weekend I gave myself some time off and enjoyed life outside of the library!  

I was so shocked to wake up to intense sunshine on Saturday, it meant I had an actual reason to whack out these bad boys (^) and not look like I thought I was some kind of celebrity on my walk to the gym (Yes, I still had to hit the gym). I wonder if Ray-Bans will ever go out of style? I'd really like some tortoiseshell wayfarers, might have to drop a few heavy hints to my friends as they owe me a belated birthday present. 

Saw this sign today, absolutely cracked me up. The tourists were loving the Bennett's banter.

Also I hit the vintage fair today, but was gently nursing a hangover so was more interested in the architecture than the clothes (shocking I know) but I just wasn't in the mood. Although what I did see was thoroughly impressive! I almost bought a top hat, then was brought back to planet Earth by Jess who reminded me of my financial situation and that the top hat would NOT be a good plan. Overall it was a pretty decent weekend, topped off with a lovely dinner at Cafe Rouge. I am now exhausted and super ready to pass out. Night all, hope you utilised your weekend, and if you didn't, well START NOW, I 100% recommend it. 

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