Friday, 29 March 2013

Back To The Island!


So sadly, my laptop has been sent to the computer hospital, so I can't really upload many holiday snaps just yet. But these ones have been lingering on my phone and I am desperate for you all to see just how beautiful places can be!

This was us on our way to the beach, before we managed to get severely burned! Wind and 38degree weather is a recipe for disaster, trust me.
Emily cooling down by the pool, it was so hot, even the natives were astonished at our ability to remain in the sun for so long in pursuit of a tan! 
This might look like some ghastly, cat puke-esque mush, but I beg you to believe me when I say it's like a bite of heaven everytime you put it in your mouth! They're called Doubles and I miss them already!
This was our last night in Trinidad, and we just chilled by a friend's house, and the view and the house are equally as beautiful! His dad has a knack for designing things, and this house is an exquisite example of his talents. Sourcing some of his stained glass windows from ancient churches in the North of England! It was such a wonderful trip and I am still pining after it! More to come chappies!
Amy x 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Friend Mike

There are very few words...

There are very few words that can justify Mike Anstey, so I shall just allow him to do the talking, check out his tumblr and prepared to be enthralled: 

"I don’t know if any else feels the same way, but dating is passé. It’s official. No one dates anymore. No one is making an entire evening or night exclusive to one other person. Nobody is asking anyone out, or at least doing it properly over the phone.
Everyone’s ‘dropping by’, ‘swinging by’, ‘popping in’ or ‘saying ‘hi’ on the way over’, with friends. Everyone’s texting, or chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, asking others out in the most casual of manners.
Is courtship dead? Is everyone that fearful of investing time with someone else? Are we going to be known as the generation that’s most terrified of one-on-one commitment? (Rich coming from me!)
Just the other day a friend asked me to help ‘define’ the relationship she was in with this guy she was ‘kind of’ seeing. Obviously, she needed some ‘DOES HE or DOESN’T HE LIKE ME’ answers, and because I have an appendage similar to the guy in question, I was by default her mystery solver.
Of course, I felt no pressure of being used to read into the mind of some dude I have never met.
Facebook and Google have allowed us to find out about anyone even before the first date. Resumes, photos, past-relationships. Technology has coldly removed that element of surprise, the joy (or gamble, if you will) of discovery of another person. Nobody is that interesting for that long anymore.
The whole dinner-and-movie thing takes at least five hours (even longer if you’re watching Les Misérables- take it from me, don’t), and honestly, who has the time anymore?
Long story short, if someone you like is investing the effort for you, return the favour, and let it grow.
Valentine’s Day is hardly an excuse anymore. In the future, please avoid the cheese of taking your loved one to a fancy restaurant filled with fine silver and the sad sounds of violins, while hugging a giant bouquet of flowers and a human-sized soft-toy, and then paying for everything by slipping the waiter your credit card.
It’s a cop out. End of."

Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!


So the day started out in typical Mike fashion, he dragged my ass to Yo! Sushi. Can't say I was complaining, it was delicious and I was full, like the good full you get from eating sushi, not uncomfortable and truly satisfied!

Then the evening celebrations began and we all headed to 'The Go Down;' wonderful little restaurant in York with some top notch menu choices, I went for the steak (standard), and I'm so glad I did it was beautiful. It's one of those restaurants that still brings out free bread, and other options to add to your meal, like roast potatoes, curried mashed parsnips and boiled red cabbage! I have to say, I was stuffed, that doesn't normally happen to me (I have a strange ability to eat like a man, and more!) But anyway, the heavy bloated feeling afterwards was well worth it because it was delicious. However there was one small hiccup; Jess had fishcakes to start, and one was still FROZEN in the middle, little bit mortified for the restaurant, but they quickly corrected it and gave her a free drink. Sadly Hannah and I could not stay for the cake festivities because we had to quickly move on to the next place to set up for cocktails!

So Hannah and I managed to blow up copious amount of balloons and eagerly await the arrival of our guests at Sotanos; a wonderful cocktail bar, underground in York, never been before and I loved it! 

Hannah and I repping the animal prints!

Then we topped the night off in true Mike fashion: went to the club, walked straight past all of the queues and straight to the VIP areas, where we were greated with the student version of 'champagnge,' not great but we had a crate of it for free so who was I to complain! All in all a really fun night! Happy Birthday Mike!

Amy x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


My Week on Instagram

The Satorialist's Scott Schuman recently posted about whether we use Instagram or not anymore, post-advertisinggate saga. And well, the answer is, I sure do! I love it! Every morning the first thing I do is look at Instagram, look at all the new photos the people I follow have posted and Explore as many new inspirational photos that I can. It has the ability to really make my day, I love a photo that inspires my whole day, whether it be what I wear, how much work I manage to do, how much I pester the wonderful people in PR to give a me an internship and even how much exercise I can force my lazy self to do in the gym (if any at all). Instagram has a certain je ne sais quoi that other photo sites like Pinterest or Imgfave don't have for me, I mean, don't get me wrong I love them as well, but Instagram is the numero uno for me! I hope you like these and feel free to follow me on Instaaaaa or at least check it out, go on you never know what you might find!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Scrapbook Update!

What Have I Been Up To?

So, as I have mentioned, I keep a scrapbook. It's filled with anything I like the look of, anything that inspires me and anything I fancy really. I just thought I'd update you with it's content. It gives me so much joy flicking through the pages of inspiration, so I hope you enjoy too! 

Like I said, anything I like the look of, and pictures of One Direction taken by Patrick Demarchelier are definitely right up my alley!

 What is a better source of inspiration than your friends? They definitely deserved a starring role! (Especially for putting up with all the photos I take)!
 Men's fashion week inspired me to look out for some particularly handsome Brit men doing all the right things at the moment (and the handsome regular chap in the background!)

Louis Vuitton, Victoria Beckham and Chloe are absolutely rocking my world at the moment! 

 I have an outrageous girl crush on Cara and Barbara mixed with a burning jealousy!

 Dolce and Gabbana, for me, hit the nail on the head perfectly. This beautiful collection has no words that can truly describe its beauty. Just absolutely jaw-dropping genius collection.

 Check out how cool the watermelon shoes are!

I want to make big plans for the Big Apple!
Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoy creating!
Amy x

Friday, 8 March 2013

My Guilty Pleasure

Justin Bieber - Believe Tour at the O2

So, you know you've got great friends when one of them knows you're a Bieber fan (guilty as charged) and she invites you and your (taller than me, 11 year old) sister to see him in concert! Words cannot describe the love I have for Miss Mckenna right now! 

So the event was opened by Jaden Smith, but I can't say I was too fussed about that, so instead we made our way to the lounge to meet Mckenna and Georgia (casually walking past Will Smith on the way...starstruck!) who had already ordered the champagne (my kind of ladies) and we began our catch up! Georgia was celebrating as she's managed to get onto TWO vacation schemes with some very good law firms, so I just joined in with the celebrations, although secretly I was celebrating the upcoming events of the evening also!

 After Carly Rae finished, we all got a little bit too excited, as
we knew that up next, was none other than the Bieber! (Except the lady in the background, I think she just wants to go home...)

The countdown, unfortunately began from ten minutes and my ears were pierced every minute by screaming teenagers. Apparently the uniform for a 'Belieber' is a purple snapback, denim shorts, a fan t-shirt and some form of purple or white high tops. We were somewhat uninformed of this...

The ladies were knocking back the vino in their excitement and then...

It happened, Bieber the Angel graced the stage! The opening was brilliant, there was pyrotechnics and a clever video that really got the ladies screaming!

Although there was a slight hiccup in the middle, where Mr Bieber proceeded to pass out (how dare he!) he came back and finished the show with a literal bang!

Amy x

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