Friday, 29 March 2013

Back To The Island!


So sadly, my laptop has been sent to the computer hospital, so I can't really upload many holiday snaps just yet. But these ones have been lingering on my phone and I am desperate for you all to see just how beautiful places can be!

This was us on our way to the beach, before we managed to get severely burned! Wind and 38degree weather is a recipe for disaster, trust me.
Emily cooling down by the pool, it was so hot, even the natives were astonished at our ability to remain in the sun for so long in pursuit of a tan! 
This might look like some ghastly, cat puke-esque mush, but I beg you to believe me when I say it's like a bite of heaven everytime you put it in your mouth! They're called Doubles and I miss them already!
This was our last night in Trinidad, and we just chilled by a friend's house, and the view and the house are equally as beautiful! His dad has a knack for designing things, and this house is an exquisite example of his talents. Sourcing some of his stained glass windows from ancient churches in the North of England! It was such a wonderful trip and I am still pining after it! More to come chappies!
Amy x 

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