Wednesday, 6 March 2013


It's My Favourite Time of the Month!

Every month, I get a night where I forget the rest of the world and sit down with my best friend Elle. It's sad, but I genuinely look forward to it, which is why I end up reading it all in one night and wait impatiently for the next 30 odd days until the next one comes out, and the cycle begins all over again. This time I got to enjoy it with some interesting iTunes shuffle choices in the background, with a cup of tea and my lovely, newly decorated room at home. I know I am not the only one that gets this kind of joy; Elle really is my favourite source of inspiration and ambition-provoking energy, and I love it. Thank you Lorraine Candy and your team, I salute and bow to your greatness. Here are a few (there are way too many to have them all) bits and bobs:

RiRi gracing the cover, the woman is pure West Indian beauty (why I don't look like that is beyond me, English genes were obviously the dominant ones!) Not her greatest fan, and the interview didn't make me particularly warm to her, but the girl is world class, I shall give her that!
Olé! Ralph Lauren is inspired by the Spanish Matadors, and their risky use of the colour red (that works like a flippin' charm here) whilst...

 ... Dolce and Gabbana continue their Romantic Romani-Gypsy-esque/Rural Italian influence and translate it into beautiful prints and patterns that inspire nostalgia for times that were more free and full of colour, and life was for living, and there was always more of the world to see!

 'Just add tan' - I cannot tell you for how long this has been my mantra, I love the all black and tan, I probably do it a bit too much actually!
 Love both of these looks, and really enjoy when Elle does this Day/Night thang, has come in handy on several occasions! I buy way too many casual clothes, and end up having nothing to wear on that rare occasion where I do embrace student life and leave the library to hit the clubs!

Elle Style Awards!

One day I will be invited to this, and me Stella and Kate will all hang out and swap gossip, and Stella can awe me with her talent and Kate with her beauty, she just oozes glamour.

I'm sorry but I called this from Day One, when she was Kiki, in the long gone (but not forgotten) Dirty Sexy Money I wish someone had recorded me saying, "that kid is stunning, she's one to watch" and then she was in 500 Days of Summer and I knew her exciting fate was sealed. You may be 6 years younger than me Miss Moretz, but you rock and I have no shame in calling you and idol. 

International Designer of the Year: Stella McCartney...standard. Who else, the woman is my minimalism heroine. She absolutely rocked it then, and it would be a dream come true to represent her one day.
Oh and you see that table below, yeah? One of those place settings will have my name delicately etched on to it one this space! (Here's to dreaming big!)

 Then we observe RiRi rocking it hard, but oh so effortlessly!

 Something about this photo sparks a fierce excitement for Spring inside me. (Love the dress)

 Could this magazine get any more gorgeous? The effortless beautiful, natural, chic woman that is Katie homes graces us with an interview. The woman is so stunning (Tom Cruise, I have to say you were punching above your weight!)
 So, I am going on holiday on the 17th, good times all around predicted for me!
 My Elle inspired shopping list for my shopping trip (excuse the scrawl), lunch with my mother and then onto a bit of holiday shopping. I can't wait, no really I can't, take me there now!
Amy x

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