Saturday, 2 March 2013

February In Photos: A Run Down

The Sneaky Short Month That Is February

So we started out with a spontaneous night out with a few neighbours, a few friends and a few housemates, it was smashing. It was an old classic leopard print, silk dress and a brand new spanking lip shade from Mac, all in all a great start! Moving swiftly on to Hannah's birthday bash, where I began introducing some new clothes I had acquired on a rather fruitful shopping trip with my mother in London...

February also saw the wonderful process that was having that stupid lump removed from my face. I was rocking the Nelly/bandage look for a good few weeks, but it was better than that lumpy alternative! Plus I rocked it at our neighbours' house party, where I was made this beautiful balloon hat! Was a great night, that went from some serious Harlem Shake action to me doing a High School Musical Duet with Patrick, all round win I would say!

Then the bandage was off so I could be the world's greatest friends and I demoralised ourselves all in the name of friendship. Our friend was up for re-election and we pushed aside our classy selves and embraced the 'Kavos Holiday-esque' look to promote his to say our embarrassment paid off...he WON!

Then finally I went to a pub quiz, that we did not win, but ended up turning into a spontaneous night out, which was super fun! I think the spontaneous ones are the best, plus as I said before I got to crack out my new crop. Although some of the photos inspired some serious rethinking about my diet, need to slim down for my holiday! So let the diet begin today!

Bring on March! More work and fun filled days ahead, plus I think we should probably tidy up our living room, so many clothes just everywhere!
Amy x

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