Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!


So the day started out in typical Mike fashion, he dragged my ass to Yo! Sushi. Can't say I was complaining, it was delicious and I was full, like the good full you get from eating sushi, not uncomfortable and truly satisfied!

Then the evening celebrations began and we all headed to 'The Go Down;' wonderful little restaurant in York with some top notch menu choices, I went for the steak (standard), and I'm so glad I did it was beautiful. It's one of those restaurants that still brings out free bread, and other options to add to your meal, like roast potatoes, curried mashed parsnips and boiled red cabbage! I have to say, I was stuffed, that doesn't normally happen to me (I have a strange ability to eat like a man, and more!) But anyway, the heavy bloated feeling afterwards was well worth it because it was delicious. However there was one small hiccup; Jess had fishcakes to start, and one was still FROZEN in the middle, little bit mortified for the restaurant, but they quickly corrected it and gave her a free drink. Sadly Hannah and I could not stay for the cake festivities because we had to quickly move on to the next place to set up for cocktails!

So Hannah and I managed to blow up copious amount of balloons and eagerly await the arrival of our guests at Sotanos; a wonderful cocktail bar, underground in York, never been before and I loved it! 

Hannah and I repping the animal prints!

Then we topped the night off in true Mike fashion: went to the club, walked straight past all of the queues and straight to the VIP areas, where we were greated with the student version of 'champagnge,' not great but we had a crate of it for free so who was I to complain! All in all a really fun night! Happy Birthday Mike!

Amy x

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