Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lizi's 21st Birthday!

My Friends Make Me Feel So Old...

 (Lizi^ (left) and her friend Claire!) 
So Lizi turned 21! And we had a little party, with lots of drink and more importantly cake! It was a wonderful evening, and so nice to see how many people really treasure this truly beautiful lady. She, safe to say, had the time of her life and drank until dawn. Although I'm pretty sure she's still paying for it two days later. 

I got to wear my new culottes  I just love the pattern, there's something about it that gets me really excited! Maybe the brightness emphasises the coming prospect of my holiday and Summer!

Frankie, being the daughter of a fine pastry chef, whipped up a home made cake (great friend points) and although I could not indulge (lactose) I heard it was delicious! Later on, they went on to the club (which again I could not indulge in because of seminars the next day) and hung out with some of the Made In Chelsea lads (cringe)! But overall, Lizi had a wonderful birthday and that's all that counts!

Amy x

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