Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Friend Mike

There are very few words...

There are very few words that can justify Mike Anstey, so I shall just allow him to do the talking, check out his tumblr and prepared to be enthralled: 

"I don’t know if any else feels the same way, but dating is passé. It’s official. No one dates anymore. No one is making an entire evening or night exclusive to one other person. Nobody is asking anyone out, or at least doing it properly over the phone.
Everyone’s ‘dropping by’, ‘swinging by’, ‘popping in’ or ‘saying ‘hi’ on the way over’, with friends. Everyone’s texting, or chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, asking others out in the most casual of manners.
Is courtship dead? Is everyone that fearful of investing time with someone else? Are we going to be known as the generation that’s most terrified of one-on-one commitment? (Rich coming from me!)
Just the other day a friend asked me to help ‘define’ the relationship she was in with this guy she was ‘kind of’ seeing. Obviously, she needed some ‘DOES HE or DOESN’T HE LIKE ME’ answers, and because I have an appendage similar to the guy in question, I was by default her mystery solver.
Of course, I felt no pressure of being used to read into the mind of some dude I have never met.
Facebook and Google have allowed us to find out about anyone even before the first date. Resumes, photos, past-relationships. Technology has coldly removed that element of surprise, the joy (or gamble, if you will) of discovery of another person. Nobody is that interesting for that long anymore.
The whole dinner-and-movie thing takes at least five hours (even longer if you’re watching Les Misérables- take it from me, don’t), and honestly, who has the time anymore?
Long story short, if someone you like is investing the effort for you, return the favour, and let it grow.
Valentine’s Day is hardly an excuse anymore. In the future, please avoid the cheese of taking your loved one to a fancy restaurant filled with fine silver and the sad sounds of violins, while hugging a giant bouquet of flowers and a human-sized soft-toy, and then paying for everything by slipping the waiter your credit card.
It’s a cop out. End of."

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