Friday, 8 March 2013

My Guilty Pleasure

Justin Bieber - Believe Tour at the O2

So, you know you've got great friends when one of them knows you're a Bieber fan (guilty as charged) and she invites you and your (taller than me, 11 year old) sister to see him in concert! Words cannot describe the love I have for Miss Mckenna right now! 

So the event was opened by Jaden Smith, but I can't say I was too fussed about that, so instead we made our way to the lounge to meet Mckenna and Georgia (casually walking past Will Smith on the way...starstruck!) who had already ordered the champagne (my kind of ladies) and we began our catch up! Georgia was celebrating as she's managed to get onto TWO vacation schemes with some very good law firms, so I just joined in with the celebrations, although secretly I was celebrating the upcoming events of the evening also!

 After Carly Rae finished, we all got a little bit too excited, as
we knew that up next, was none other than the Bieber! (Except the lady in the background, I think she just wants to go home...)

The countdown, unfortunately began from ten minutes and my ears were pierced every minute by screaming teenagers. Apparently the uniform for a 'Belieber' is a purple snapback, denim shorts, a fan t-shirt and some form of purple or white high tops. We were somewhat uninformed of this...

The ladies were knocking back the vino in their excitement and then...

It happened, Bieber the Angel graced the stage! The opening was brilliant, there was pyrotechnics and a clever video that really got the ladies screaming!

Although there was a slight hiccup in the middle, where Mr Bieber proceeded to pass out (how dare he!) he came back and finished the show with a literal bang!

Amy x

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