Monday, 4 March 2013

Vodka Revolutions Delight!

The World's Greatest Hangover Cure...

So, being a student this is, like, heaven to me! Half price food, that just happens to be absolutely delicious. Mike and I are regulars! So many good dishes, not to mention a delicious Tomato juice for Mike's pounding hangover!

We both had the Katsu King Prawns with beautiful sweet chilli sauce and a salad, and a rump steak with fries to top it off. I'm a medium gal, but Mike is a rare, but we both love it smothered with peppercorn sauce (not so great for my stomach, but it's just so delicious!). But basically all of this came to £26! Which is a beautiful price for students to have such wonderful food, it might be a chain but the food truly is delicious and well cooked. The new decor in Revs was a bonus too, really like what they've done with the place!

Amy x

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