Monday, 29 April 2013

Silk Cut

Silky Smooth

So, if any of you have heard me banging on about these silk trousers, then I beg your forgiveness. But, well I am going to do it again! It was such a lovely Spring day today and I found myself (for once) knowing exactly what to wear without a moments thought! My silk trousers, oh thank you buyers at Forever21, because I love them. They fit perfectly, they are shaped perfectly (a big deal, I have an awkward body shape) and they feel wonderful. We had a bbq and I was getting compliments left, right and centre which is a big deal for my family. They're so snazzy I managed to get away with not putting an ounce of effort in anywhere else, pony tail for life y'all (lol). So, here are a few, less than professional shots! 

Sunday, 28 April 2013


The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Freakin' Hip Hip Hooray! I embraced this opportunity to grab some photos of my spidery-legged sister for my wall display (you shall see!) and to get her to snap some shots of me! So, really this post should be titled 'golden oldies,' because everything I am wearing is at least 2 years old (minus the sunglasses that are courtesy of Miss Houghton and the shoes!). I love pieces that are timeless, and casual wear can be that so easily. 

I am off to London to see the guy (third date, what up!) and...

Friday, 26 April 2013

New Toys!

My New MacBook Pro!

So, when calamity struck and my old laptop blew up in my third term of my final year at uni, I was stressed out to say the least! I didn't know what to do, except beg my parents to help my buy a new one. With much convincing and many deals, I finally got my hands on this wonderful new laptop and I haven't stopped playing with it yet! Everyone was telling me to get one, from my friends to the computer experts and I am so glad they did! Although, I really should start using it for it's original purpose - to write my dissertation - but I am just sitting here watching Hannibal and Game of Thrones and transferring files (pretty darn slowly!). 

Anyway, I have been pretty darn busy, being my final year at uni, I am in major panic mode about essays and my dissertation! Anyway, here are some photos of what has been going on behind the scenes! Firstly, Charlotte was a genius and brought Chocolate Orange to the library to give us a motivation boost, was gonna work out a nice reward scheme for myself, but really I just ate it all in one go! 

Secondly, the library have messed up big time. They're handing out these ridiculous notices about leaving your items if they find 'Unattended Items,' well they failed. Because I was sitting right there and the blind bat gave me a notice! She was left rather red in the face when I pointed out I was right here, it's ridiculous. They should hand out notices saying 'First years, it doesn't count, please leave and make space for people who actually need these seats!' 

Anyway, the other day I gave up and came home early from the this. The boys next door, who plead poverty quite regularly, came back from Scarborough with £200 worth of weapons, BB guns to be precise. But, I am not complaining it WAS SO FUN. I didn't get involved in the war (too much of a wuss), but I had a few goes and they seemed to have a lot of fun. Oh to be a first year again and have free time!

 So, we formed the Barclay Lodge Swat Team, watch out intruders and theives, this is what greets you on the other side! 

Anyway, I am off for dinner at the Churchill Arms, my favourite restaurant in London (Thai Food), it's actually, kind of a date! So, I will keep you guys posted and tell you all about the place if you've never been! 
Amy x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Place Beyond the Pines

An Emotional Drain!

So, yesterday Charlotte, Jess and I jumped in Charlotte's cute-ass mini and drove to the BIG cinema (privilege) to watch the astoundingly, jaw-droppingly, breathtakingly beautiful Ryan Gosling (I'm a fan, if you hadn't guessed) in his new movie The Place Beyond the Pines. And put it this way, whatever words I use will do it absolutely no justice. Hands down, one of the best films I have seen since my mother handed me that Godfather dvd one rainy Sunday 9years ago. It was ridiculously, emotionally powerful. It wasn't one of those lump in your throat films, it was a burst into crocodile tears at any moment kind of films. Ryan Gosling has done himself pround, and truly cemented his position in my 'Actor Hall of Fame,' and probably everyone else's. Furthermore Dane Hehaan is creeping into the spotlight in a very Leonardo Di Caprio sorta-way (not to mention how much they look alike), and I predict him to be the next big thing! Can't wait to see him as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spiderman 2!  Anyway, all of the acting from an incredibly experienced and talented cast was top notch, and played an enormous part in driving the emotional prowess of the film. I see some serious awards being handed out for acting, writing, directing and the incredible soundtrack that I am trying to find as we speak (multi-tasking genius)! Anyway, I thoroughly recommend you see it, but prepare to feel pretty emotionally drained afterwards! I shall leave you with a snippet of the wonderful soundtrack:

Amy x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Laugh Out Loud!

Laugh Those Monday Morning Blues Away!

So unfortunately it's that time of the week again...Monday. Hated throughout the planet, by both men and women, boys and girls, old and the young. The weekend is five days away, and the work is already piling up! I know I for one, am several days behind on my work, and it just seems like I will never catch up. So you know what, stop. Take a breather, and have a laugh. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine. Here is one of my favourite bits of comedy genius from our wonderful UK comedians. I hope he drives your Monday morning blues away, and you start to look on the bright side, only 12 more hours to go and it's officially Tuesday (when you're allowed to start looking forward to the weekend!).

Friday, 19 April 2013

What A Day!

It's Catch Up Time!

The only silver lining about now seeing a great friend for a long time, is that when you do finally manage to find some time in your outrageously complicated and busy schedules, it is incredible! So much to talk about, and so much to hear about, it's like reading a really personal magazine, where every headline has something to do with you and your friends. So yesterday I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I was going to finally see the wonderful Miss Olivia Devall, who I had not managed to see since Christmas! I was so excited, I knew I was going to get no work done, so had to fill my day with other such fun things so that time didn't go SUPER slowly.  So, my mother kindly invited me to the salon with her to get my nails done (she paid, WIN), and I went for an old favourite: OPI Malaga Wine, reminds me of Christmas, but I still love it! 

So then we took a trip to Lakeside, where not only forced to help my mother pick out new china patterns (kill me now...some of them were actually quite cute), but whilst doing so I had to contend with...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cosmo Careers Masterclass!

CosmopolitanUK Presents...

So, as most of you know, I've got my heart set on making it big in the Fashion PR world, and when I saw that Cosmo were holding this event, I thought what better way to get some tips! So I made my way to Freemasons Hall in London, donning my new playsuit (that fits like a glove, so happy!) and my vintage Mulberry packed with several pens and a rather bright pink notepad all in the name of education! What I did not expect was to see a queue a mile long, the event turned out to be super popular, well over 200 people there! 


Monday, 15 April 2013

Library Day Ay!

Library in the Sun...

Hey beautiful people, I hope wherever you are you had a lovely day! I unfortunately had to drag myself to the library in order to get even the most miniscule amount of work done! So, I donned my coolest casual jeans look outfit and took the plunge. To make the library experience more enjoyable I went with my friend Richard, and he drove there! Absolute perk, not to mention he's got himself a sweet new ride (Range Rover Evoque)! Anyway, it was so nice to see him and hear about all the goings on in his life, but the coolest news was that he is moving to NYC in March, I'll be sad to see him go (only for a year) but at least I have somewhere to crash when I visit! And I may even rope him in to coming on our Coachella 2014 trip (woop woop). Anyway, him and a friend have got this wonderful new blog and I implore you to check it out:, I mean the fashion side of it is definitely male orientated, but the art and music is enjoyable for all, and if you're anything like me, then you'll want to check out what's going on in the world of male fashion anyway! Finally day one of my diet has gone fabulously, no carbs and I'm not curled up in a ball crying like I thought I would be. Absolute win. Now to get some exercise, I'm bringing my dog in on this diet (he needs it) and we are going for a run!

Amy x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Preview of Summer


Summer gave us a little taster of what is, hopefully, to come! And I was privileged to spend the day with my lovely mother! So, I whipped out the sunglasses, a tshirt, some black skinny jeans and a leather jacket (which turned out to be totally unnecessary) and off I strolled into the sunshine with my super handsome dog! Who always seems to get so much attention from passers by, he even got some a bit flirty with a lady pug who was also out enjoying the sunshine!

Being that it was beautifully warm and deliciously sunny, there was only one thing on my mind, and that was a  frappuccino (still horrified that starbucks charge for soya milk) and a pub lunch! Both of which I was superbly honoured to be treated with by my lovely mother, who was in such a good mood she even bought me a new summer dress!

We spent the last bit of the evening camped out in the solarium (okay, it's a conservatory really) playing backgammon where my ever so observant mother wiped the floor with me, winning 10-3, and I thought my skills had improved! The woman is a backgammon fiend, I challenge her and Mckenna (who always wipes the floor with me in our many games in St. Tropez) to a dual of the game, now that would be interesting (man I am such a grandma).

So, not the greatest pictures, but the one on the right is the dress mother dear got me today and the playsuit on the left was my bargain of the week! I wanted it for Christmas, but it was £90 and they had run out of my size! But then I found it on the Jack Wills outlet site, and not only was there my size but it was also now only £30, absolute win! They are my very own thinspiration, as mother and I start our Dukan-esque diet tomorrow, we stocked up on meat and fish from M&S today, wish me luck! Overall it was such a lovely day and I finally got to show off my holiday tan, and I can't wait for more like this (fingers crossed they start being continuous soon!)

Amy x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Songs of The Week

Bastille - Pompeii

I literally cannot get enough of this song, it's wonderful! Haven't heard anything this fresh in a while. I gave up on music a long time ago, albeit my love of films and not so great taste in music may have had something to do with this, but the music industry isn't totally blameless! I look forward to what this rather dashing young man has yet to offer us! 

Haim - Don't Save Me

These rather aesthetically blessed sisters are picking up velocity, I mean if I've heard of them (as in they've reached my inexperienced ears) then they must be doing well, usually I am too lazy to look around for new music, but these ladies were hand delivered on a rather well designed silver platter! Their album I believe will be my next musical purchase!

Let me know if you know of any great music similar to this, I need more! Send me links via facebook:

Amy x

Monday, 8 April 2013


A Pit Stop in Doncaster!

So, on my way back up to university and the dreaded library, I decided to go and see the beautiful Jess Davies in her home town of Doncaster! Now 'Donny' (as the locals say) has not got the most wonderful reputation, in fact it's only one redeeming factor is that it's the hometown of 1/5 of the super power that is One Direction, and even this may be cause for some to revere Doncaster in an even worse light...well chaps, we are all wrong, because I had a cracking time! The journey started with sushi and Elle (what more could you want?) and a train that was only delayed by five minutes (well done British public transport, what an achievement).
And then I finally arrived at my stop in the North, where I was greeted by the blonde babe that is Jess! She then showed me around the delights of Frenchgate, the mall in which most Doncaster-ians (?) do their shopping. It was profoundly productive, I managed to bag myself a wannabe Urban Decay palette for a fraction of the price (£4, Mua, Superdrug) and it's just as good! I also got myself a swanky new purple-y nail polish from Barry M, called Cappuccino, and a little crop from Topshop that made part of my outfit for the ensuing evening...after wearing ourselves out we chilled in Starbucks, where they DIDN'T charge me for soya milk for once! All round pleasurable experience some might say!

So, I was having a cracking time anyway, and then Jess' dad whipped up one of the most delicious paella's I think I have ever had in my life, obviously there was a bottle of wine and seconds! We're going to try and recreate it when she is back (wish me luck).

Then it was time for the moment I had been waiting for (although if I could have stayed in an d eaten paella all night that would have been good too!), a night out in Donny! We went to a local pub, then a few bars on Silver Street, and it was such a good laugh! There was impromptu tequila shots, embarrassing stories and photos of Jess, a full on dance off, some serious hotties and the most fantastic, dance your butt off, kind of music! Overall, it was one of the best nights out I have had so far! Absolutely chuffed!

However, the next day introduced a whole world of new feelings, those feelings most commonly associated with hangovers! So we had a lazy movie day (accompanied by some delicious lunch and dinner), What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Secret Window were the orders of the day and we managed to wolf down a whole bundle of perfectly made popcorn and delectable oreos! Great hangover day!

However, the time came when I had to say farewell, (which was delayed by a delayed train - 35 mins this time)! I was particularly sad to say goodbye to Jess, but the prospect of seeing her in York soon will do for now! It was an amazing weekend, and I have a new found respect for Donny, although hearing about some bloke getting shot was fairly worrying, but overall I had a great time, and we shouldn't sweep Donny under the carpet, give it a chance, go to Priory, you'll love it!
Amy x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

More Love for the Island!

Trinidad Part 2

And we're off! My dad ever so kindly dropped us off at Gatwick (another excuse for him to go for a 'cruise' in his new car...his words not mine!) and we clambered our way up to the North Terminal to begin our adventure. Neither of us were looking pretty fly, so decided to avoid any unnecessary airport shots, but Em so kindly allowed me a picture of her wonderful back and suitcase!  

This is my beautiful Auntie Lyndsay, the hostess with the mostest! She was absolutely wonderful! Have you ever seen that film I Don't Know How She Does It? Well that is my auntie, the woman is a saint! 
 So we opted for the boat to get to Tobago, it was alright (thank goodness for motion sickness pills), we got to see loads of the islands and have a little nap! Then this man decided to PROPOSE over the Tannoy system on the boat, and they just happened to be sitting right next to us, I think he thought it would be cute, but it was just really weird an awkward! But any-hoo we got to Tobago in one piece and to our beautiful villa! That just so happened to be next to the most beautiful abandoned hotel! It's such a shame it was never finished, we went on an adventure exploring the building, it was like something out of a Rudyard Kipling novel, I loved it. Except when the bats came flying straight at me!

Only in Tobago would they have a GOAT racing stadium...

So after our little detour to the Goat Racing Stadium, we finally got to the beach, were my cousin Russell put all of our attempts at a beach bod to shame...definitely going to start playing water polo... Pigeon Point is probably my favourite place in the world, it's breathtakingly beautiful!

 And the first cocktail is...MARGARITAAAA

Then we returned back to Trinidad and made our first trip to my Grandma's house, where I basically sweated up a STORM (so hot) but it was wonderful to spend time with such a spectacular lady and some of my (not so little anymore) cousins!

Then came the shocker, we were invited to the School Waterpolo Champion Awards, partly because my cousins happened to win every male category and my Uncle coached most of them! But we were required to dress up in our finest gladrags and get going! This is a day after we managed to burn the crap out of ourselves, we fell victim to the winds of Maracas Beach, rookie mistake for Emily, but I really should know by now! 

 (By this point Emily was ready to kill me and with my camera)

Russell and his friend Johann looking so dapper!

 My two blonde bombshells soaking up the glory!
 Whilst my other blonde bombshell then cooked up a storm for a dinner she made for the family to say thank you!
 I just sat there and pretended to help by stirring a sauce!
I hate leaving my two favourite islands, but the sun went down and we said goodbye...until next year! 
Amy x

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