Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Preview of Summer


Summer gave us a little taster of what is, hopefully, to come! And I was privileged to spend the day with my lovely mother! So, I whipped out the sunglasses, a tshirt, some black skinny jeans and a leather jacket (which turned out to be totally unnecessary) and off I strolled into the sunshine with my super handsome dog! Who always seems to get so much attention from passers by, he even got some a bit flirty with a lady pug who was also out enjoying the sunshine!

Being that it was beautifully warm and deliciously sunny, there was only one thing on my mind, and that was a  frappuccino (still horrified that starbucks charge for soya milk) and a pub lunch! Both of which I was superbly honoured to be treated with by my lovely mother, who was in such a good mood she even bought me a new summer dress!

We spent the last bit of the evening camped out in the solarium (okay, it's a conservatory really) playing backgammon where my ever so observant mother wiped the floor with me, winning 10-3, and I thought my skills had improved! The woman is a backgammon fiend, I challenge her and Mckenna (who always wipes the floor with me in our many games in St. Tropez) to a dual of the game, now that would be interesting (man I am such a grandma).

So, not the greatest pictures, but the one on the right is the dress mother dear got me today and the playsuit on the left was my bargain of the week! I wanted it for Christmas, but it was £90 and they had run out of my size! But then I found it on the Jack Wills outlet site, and not only was there my size but it was also now only £30, absolute win! They are my very own thinspiration, as mother and I start our Dukan-esque diet tomorrow, we stocked up on meat and fish from M&S today, wish me luck! Overall it was such a lovely day and I finally got to show off my holiday tan, and I can't wait for more like this (fingers crossed they start being continuous soon!)

Amy x

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