Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cosmo Careers Masterclass!

CosmopolitanUK Presents...

So, as most of you know, I've got my heart set on making it big in the Fashion PR world, and when I saw that Cosmo were holding this event, I thought what better way to get some tips! So I made my way to Freemasons Hall in London, donning my new playsuit (that fits like a glove, so happy!) and my vintage Mulberry packed with several pens and a rather bright pink notepad all in the name of education! What I did not expect was to see a queue a mile long, the event turned out to be super popular, well over 200 people there! 


Unfortunately, owing to the large number of eager fashionistas present, I was sat pretty near the back and kind of struggled to see, but I sucked it up, knocked back the complimentary glass of bubbly and heard all of their advice loud and clear! The hall was a great locations although it was pretty creepy to have a painting of my mum's friend's ancestor looming over me throughout ! I had a great view of Chloe Melick (Inside/Out PR) and Jazz Kaur (Benefit PR), the two inspirational women I had come to see specifically!

So, besides all of the wonderful advice I received and the absolute reassurance that I am on the right track for pursuing my dream, we were also given a great goodie bag (Cosmopolitan you are too kind!) I was cool and calm and didn't go riveting around the bag straight away (just to make sure that they knew I was serious and a bag of goodies could never distract me....) but what I could see from the top look so promising!

What I did see from my little, sophisticated peek was a full sized 'They're Real!' Benefit Mascara all for my enjoyment! Absolute win. I was going to buy this next week, now I've saved myself £18.50, thank you Benefit. I'm yet to find a mascara that's perfect for me, and well this one is definitely in the running (potential winner, I will let you know!)

So there's a little snapshot of everything in the bag, the fake tan and blonde conditioner isn't really for me, so Jess has got a little treat heading her way! But everything else is great. Besides the mascara, this little treat is another win! I tried this 'Lash Fibres' this morning and was a little taken aback when I opened it (it looks like cotton candy has got caught on a mascara brush) but it works like a charm and I 100% suggest investing in some! 

Overall it was such a great experience, and it was a privilege to be there for the Cosmo Careers Premiere night! The wonderful team will be putting on more nights to come, so keep an eye out, I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who wants to be in the fashion/arts/beauty industry, particularly with regards to the media side of things. Best advice I got last night was "to find something, and be great at it, become needed and indespensible," watch out Chalk PR, I will be the finest intern you ever had (determination was also a key piece of advice). Thank you to Louise Court, Chloe Melick, Jazz Kaur, Pat McNulty, Nicole Mowbray and everyone else that helped with the event, I thoroughly appreciated every minute of it!
Amy x

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