Monday, 8 April 2013


A Pit Stop in Doncaster!

So, on my way back up to university and the dreaded library, I decided to go and see the beautiful Jess Davies in her home town of Doncaster! Now 'Donny' (as the locals say) has not got the most wonderful reputation, in fact it's only one redeeming factor is that it's the hometown of 1/5 of the super power that is One Direction, and even this may be cause for some to revere Doncaster in an even worse light...well chaps, we are all wrong, because I had a cracking time! The journey started with sushi and Elle (what more could you want?) and a train that was only delayed by five minutes (well done British public transport, what an achievement).
And then I finally arrived at my stop in the North, where I was greeted by the blonde babe that is Jess! She then showed me around the delights of Frenchgate, the mall in which most Doncaster-ians (?) do their shopping. It was profoundly productive, I managed to bag myself a wannabe Urban Decay palette for a fraction of the price (£4, Mua, Superdrug) and it's just as good! I also got myself a swanky new purple-y nail polish from Barry M, called Cappuccino, and a little crop from Topshop that made part of my outfit for the ensuing evening...after wearing ourselves out we chilled in Starbucks, where they DIDN'T charge me for soya milk for once! All round pleasurable experience some might say!

So, I was having a cracking time anyway, and then Jess' dad whipped up one of the most delicious paella's I think I have ever had in my life, obviously there was a bottle of wine and seconds! We're going to try and recreate it when she is back (wish me luck).

Then it was time for the moment I had been waiting for (although if I could have stayed in an d eaten paella all night that would have been good too!), a night out in Donny! We went to a local pub, then a few bars on Silver Street, and it was such a good laugh! There was impromptu tequila shots, embarrassing stories and photos of Jess, a full on dance off, some serious hotties and the most fantastic, dance your butt off, kind of music! Overall, it was one of the best nights out I have had so far! Absolutely chuffed!

However, the next day introduced a whole world of new feelings, those feelings most commonly associated with hangovers! So we had a lazy movie day (accompanied by some delicious lunch and dinner), What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Secret Window were the orders of the day and we managed to wolf down a whole bundle of perfectly made popcorn and delectable oreos! Great hangover day!

However, the time came when I had to say farewell, (which was delayed by a delayed train - 35 mins this time)! I was particularly sad to say goodbye to Jess, but the prospect of seeing her in York soon will do for now! It was an amazing weekend, and I have a new found respect for Donny, although hearing about some bloke getting shot was fairly worrying, but overall I had a great time, and we shouldn't sweep Donny under the carpet, give it a chance, go to Priory, you'll love it!
Amy x

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