Tuesday, 2 April 2013

More Love for the Island!

Trinidad Part 2

And we're off! My dad ever so kindly dropped us off at Gatwick (another excuse for him to go for a 'cruise' in his new car...his words not mine!) and we clambered our way up to the North Terminal to begin our adventure. Neither of us were looking pretty fly, so decided to avoid any unnecessary airport shots, but Em so kindly allowed me a picture of her wonderful back and suitcase!  

This is my beautiful Auntie Lyndsay, the hostess with the mostest! She was absolutely wonderful! Have you ever seen that film I Don't Know How She Does It? Well that is my auntie, the woman is a saint! 
 So we opted for the boat to get to Tobago, it was alright (thank goodness for motion sickness pills), we got to see loads of the islands and have a little nap! Then this man decided to PROPOSE over the Tannoy system on the boat, and they just happened to be sitting right next to us, I think he thought it would be cute, but it was just really weird an awkward! But any-hoo we got to Tobago in one piece and to our beautiful villa! That just so happened to be next to the most beautiful abandoned hotel! It's such a shame it was never finished, we went on an adventure exploring the building, it was like something out of a Rudyard Kipling novel, I loved it. Except when the bats came flying straight at me!

Only in Tobago would they have a GOAT racing stadium...

So after our little detour to the Goat Racing Stadium, we finally got to the beach, were my cousin Russell put all of our attempts at a beach bod to shame...definitely going to start playing water polo... Pigeon Point is probably my favourite place in the world, it's breathtakingly beautiful!

 And the first cocktail is...MARGARITAAAA

Then we returned back to Trinidad and made our first trip to my Grandma's house, where I basically sweated up a STORM (so hot) but it was wonderful to spend time with such a spectacular lady and some of my (not so little anymore) cousins!

Then came the shocker, we were invited to the School Waterpolo Champion Awards, partly because my cousins happened to win every male category and my Uncle coached most of them! But we were required to dress up in our finest gladrags and get going! This is a day after we managed to burn the crap out of ourselves, we fell victim to the winds of Maracas Beach, rookie mistake for Emily, but I really should know by now! 

 (By this point Emily was ready to kill me and with my camera)

Russell and his friend Johann looking so dapper!

 My two blonde bombshells soaking up the glory!
 Whilst my other blonde bombshell then cooked up a storm for a dinner she made for the family to say thank you!
 I just sat there and pretended to help by stirring a sauce!
I hate leaving my two favourite islands, but the sun went down and we said goodbye...until next year! 
Amy x

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