Friday, 26 April 2013

New Toys!

My New MacBook Pro!

So, when calamity struck and my old laptop blew up in my third term of my final year at uni, I was stressed out to say the least! I didn't know what to do, except beg my parents to help my buy a new one. With much convincing and many deals, I finally got my hands on this wonderful new laptop and I haven't stopped playing with it yet! Everyone was telling me to get one, from my friends to the computer experts and I am so glad they did! Although, I really should start using it for it's original purpose - to write my dissertation - but I am just sitting here watching Hannibal and Game of Thrones and transferring files (pretty darn slowly!). 

Anyway, I have been pretty darn busy, being my final year at uni, I am in major panic mode about essays and my dissertation! Anyway, here are some photos of what has been going on behind the scenes! Firstly, Charlotte was a genius and brought Chocolate Orange to the library to give us a motivation boost, was gonna work out a nice reward scheme for myself, but really I just ate it all in one go! 

Secondly, the library have messed up big time. They're handing out these ridiculous notices about leaving your items if they find 'Unattended Items,' well they failed. Because I was sitting right there and the blind bat gave me a notice! She was left rather red in the face when I pointed out I was right here, it's ridiculous. They should hand out notices saying 'First years, it doesn't count, please leave and make space for people who actually need these seats!' 

Anyway, the other day I gave up and came home early from the this. The boys next door, who plead poverty quite regularly, came back from Scarborough with £200 worth of weapons, BB guns to be precise. But, I am not complaining it WAS SO FUN. I didn't get involved in the war (too much of a wuss), but I had a few goes and they seemed to have a lot of fun. Oh to be a first year again and have free time!

 So, we formed the Barclay Lodge Swat Team, watch out intruders and theives, this is what greets you on the other side! 

Anyway, I am off for dinner at the Churchill Arms, my favourite restaurant in London (Thai Food), it's actually, kind of a date! So, I will keep you guys posted and tell you all about the place if you've never been! 
Amy x

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