Monday, 29 April 2013

Silk Cut

Silky Smooth

So, if any of you have heard me banging on about these silk trousers, then I beg your forgiveness. But, well I am going to do it again! It was such a lovely Spring day today and I found myself (for once) knowing exactly what to wear without a moments thought! My silk trousers, oh thank you buyers at Forever21, because I love them. They fit perfectly, they are shaped perfectly (a big deal, I have an awkward body shape) and they feel wonderful. We had a bbq and I was getting compliments left, right and centre which is a big deal for my family. They're so snazzy I managed to get away with not putting an ounce of effort in anywhere else, pony tail for life y'all (lol). So, here are a few, less than professional shots! 

I have also been terribly naughty this weekend and have put the diet on the back burner, but my gym membership kicks back in on Wednesday and i'll have Emma's support so we will be back in action! Back up to uni tomorrow, to embrace the weather of the North and my dissertation...wish me luck!
Amy x
Trousers: Forever21
Shoes: Topshop
T-Shirt: Roxy
Glasses: Ray-Bans

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