Friday, 19 April 2013

What A Day!

It's Catch Up Time!

The only silver lining about now seeing a great friend for a long time, is that when you do finally manage to find some time in your outrageously complicated and busy schedules, it is incredible! So much to talk about, and so much to hear about, it's like reading a really personal magazine, where every headline has something to do with you and your friends. So yesterday I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I was going to finally see the wonderful Miss Olivia Devall, who I had not managed to see since Christmas! I was so excited, I knew I was going to get no work done, so had to fill my day with other such fun things so that time didn't go SUPER slowly.  So, my mother kindly invited me to the salon with her to get my nails done (she paid, WIN), and I went for an old favourite: OPI Malaga Wine, reminds me of Christmas, but I still love it! 

So then we took a trip to Lakeside, where not only forced to help my mother pick out new china patterns (kill me now...some of them were actually quite cute), but whilst doing so I had to contend with...

...a rather loud member of the TOWIE cast shouting her business down the phone. Some people have absolutely zero mystery to their lives! Anyway she was wearing some really cracking trousers so she was slightly forgiven! Anyway, I wasn't feeling too spendthrift, and was about to drop £900 on a new laptop (thank you Acer for being rubbish) so I hopped into Forever21 to pick up a few bargains, where I came across the cutest tshirt! Normally I would find this sort of thing awful, but as a pug owner the rose tinted glasses made me turn into a tasteless monster and love everything about this, but I resisted (thank goodness). 

I did however pick up a new handbag (much needed...) and a new pair of silk, loose fitting trousers ripe for Summer! 

Then, it was finally time! After a somewhat unexpected nap, I managed to get my gladrags and face on, and make the journey to London in eager anticipation of my rendez-vous avec Mademoiselle Devall! Donning some new Ruby Woo and a new topshop dress, I sat on the train daydreaming (as my phone was near death), and my gosh I should not be allowed to do so. I am pretty sure I have planned my life for the next ten years, all contingent on me winning the Euromillions tonight (wish me luck, I will share the love). 

Then we were reunited, Olivia looked fantastic (she's a fitness freak, so always looks so svelte, not to mention she is such a natural beauty...jealous much...)! So we wandered around Liverpool Street admiring all the handsome bankers that strolled past us, and boy were there plenty! Finally arriving in at Shoreditch Highstreet, and almost walking straight past the Drunken Monkey, which, to Olivia's dismay, was not some kind of freaky circus show, but instead a fabulously cool venue with so much delciousness to offer!

So at dinner we spoke about life, love, work and Olivia's boyfriend, both getting our fix of the juicy stuff we ladies refer to as 'chat' but is really just gossip! After demolishing lots of food, including beef satays, egg friend rice, dumplings, spring rolls and a bottle of wine, we were feeling pretty cheap (and in need of a plug for our phone chargers) so we gracefully stumbled to Wetherspoons near Liverpool Street St. where we both decided it was acceptable to have another drink, and used our last remaining half an hour together wisely! 

Sadly the night had to come to an end, we embraced, said our farewells, embraced again and then both headed off in our respective directions. Overall, it was a fantastic evening and so wonderful to catch up. I am truly blessed to have that lovely lady as a friend, and am already counting down the days until we see each other again! I will definitely be hitting up the Drunken Monkey again, and thoroughly recommend you go and take a peek, if not for the food then the lovely cocktails! 
Amy x

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