Saturday, 4 May 2013

Library Blues

Coping Techniques

If you're anything like me, or in a similar situation (final year student) you will be putting in some serious hours in the library sat in front of what looks like endless notes, and a blank screen, with an equally blank expression painted on your face. So, I have an inability to multi-task, which includes reading and listening to music, thank goodness I am past the point of needing to do anymore reading (as of yet...) so I have plugged myself into Spotify! And there are a few albums and singles that so far have blown me away and truly helped me cope with the Library Blues! And here they are...

Itchy Teeth: these lads are pretty new on the scene but I am sensing great things. Kind of a contemporary version of the sounds of the Beatles (too much?), anyway give them a listen and they'll boost your spirits I guarantee (no refunds I'm afraid, take it as a life lesson). 

Secondly, it's the men of the moment, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Absolutely CRACKING album, meaningful, modern music that we haven't seen for a long time I don't think (if I missed that, please send suggestions my way!)

Finally, it's our boy Frank! I'm sure you cool chaps are way ahead of me on this one, but I have only just listened to his album, Tape Deck Heart,  and I am head over heels! I have been searching for gigs all morning, sadly they seem to clash with the few exciting things I have going on in my life already (typical). Anyway guys, I really hope this helps you as much as these chaps have helped me! Any other suggestions are more than welcome! More updates about uni life to come soon, some exciting events have occurred! 

Amy x

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