Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Big Two-One

Happy 21st To Jessica!

So, it's been a while, and I have a completely legitimate excuse, it's called...THE DISSERTATION. Every third years biggest fear. It stealthily creeps up on you, and then BAM five minutes later it's due in. But I am getting there, slowly but surely. Anyway a welcome break came in the form of Jess' 21st birthday! So, it started with me cooking a beautiful breakfast (if I do say so myself), consisting of bagels, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, delicious! And then Jess delved into her presents from her boyfriend Zak, the boy did good. A great one was the Olsen twins wonderful Influence book, so now we are matching (mine is Ashley, obviously). 

Then came the night out, after some fantastic news from the university: got 85% and 68% in my last two essays! Anyway, I got myself a new playsuit to celebrate and actually did something to my library drenched hair!

Millie's Cookies Cake! Absolute gem. 

The Beautiful Birthday Girl and her Wonderful Best Friend (aka, moi)

Yeah Baby!

So, then we headed into town for cocktails! Kennedy's, Stone Roses and then onto Kuda to cut some serious shapes! All in all, except for some SERIOUS drama later on involving wild strangers with anger management issues, we had a great night! It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate such a beautiful lady's birthday, and then even better to be able to top it off with some Dominos! (Yes, there is no cheese on it, I am weird). 

Amy x
ps. sorry about the picture quality, my camera broke :(

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