Friday, 31 May 2013

Where the Heck Have You Been?


That is what I am feeling right now goes, utter completion. I have been absent for so long because this awful thing called a 'dissertation' has been taking over every inch of my life, even after hand-in I was still dreaming about it! But anyway I am back now, and with a vengeance. Big new things are happening for this blog, and you shall see, and hopefully enjoy! Anyway I thought I'd let you see how we decided to standard student style. Firstly we made that dreaded trip to the department to hand in, what I can only describe as, 50 pages of crap. Then onto some department drinks where everyone proceeded to get a little tipsy, and laugh about times gone by!

Rule #1 BE PREPARED, before you descend those copious flights of stairs make sure you are ready to leave, otherwise a combination of 'pre-drinks' and staircases will render you useless!   

Rule #2 Make sure you are surrounded by a great amount of wonderful people, who are equally as eager to celebrate as you are! 

Rule #3 Fuel your evening with wonderful homemade cocktails that taste delicious and you don't know what's happening until it's too late! Furthermore, fuel your friends with the same stuff for future entertainment!

Rule #4 Make sure you look half decent when leaving the house, and are still accompanied by everyone and make your way to some wonderful venues who are even MORE eager to have you celebrate with them!

Overall, absolutely cracking night, and times are still young! There's plenty of more celebrating to do. But for now, I am venturing back down south for some fun and relaxation! 

Amy x

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