Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Please Excuse My Absence

So, you must, I beg, excuse my neglect of this blog, I have been insanely business, which could potentially be an understatement! I was finishing my dissertation (bleugh!), then embracing my freedom and enjoying my last few weeks of uni with my friends. Now that's all done and dusted, I'll let you into the loop and show you how we celebrated!
Lauren and I thought for sure this would be our last moment in the library, boy were we wrong, must of come back about five times! Bloomin' books! But when we did finally leave, we all managed to get a silly and pretty as we could and head out and conquer the town!

But that all proved a little too much for me, so I went back down south for a week of R+R!  Well, not really because I ended up going out more there than at uni. But did treat myself to some Benihana's delight, if you've never been I thoroughly recommend it! Not only is the food fab, the experience just tops it off wonderfully!

Also got to see some home friends, who are so close to my heart but way too far away! Luke spent the sunny day being bullied by my beautiful dog! Massive bromance occurred between those too, Luke and Reggie, it's got a ring to it hasn't it?

Then it was back for the saddest two weeks of my life. Leaving uni was way harder than anyone told me it would be! Regardless, we had Al's birthday, Goodfest, Summer Ball, our impromptu house party and Sam's 22nd to keep us entertained, and entertained we were!

Lauren got her mits on someone's trophy again, thankfully this one did not end up stolen and gathering dust in our house somewhere!

War Faces on for the Dodgems!
Dayum I've got hot friends ;)
The most sober picture of Luke I. that I am yet to find!

It was an emotional farewell, but these guys haven't seen the last of me (unlucky) and I've definitely not seen the last of them. Graduation here we come!
Amy x

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