Sunday, 30 June 2013

This Is the End

So last night, one of my favourite people came to my rescue. Luke. He saved me from my boredom and we headed to the cinema to see World War Z. So, we arrived and no more than two minutes of being in the building Luke made, what I would call, the best decision he's made in a long time. "We're seeing This is the End btw, Amy," and well I couldn't be bothered to argue (plus wasn't really that bothered by WWZ), so I scooped up some nachos and headed into the screen. Within two minutes I was cracking up, the whole film was so funny that tears were streaming down my face by the end! An all-star, funny-man cast plus cameos from so many different big names, like Emma Watson, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Michael Cera and Jason Segal (plus many more) just added a little zazz! The actors were playing 'themselves' and are encountered with the Apocalypse, and unlike so many others, they haven't been saved by God! It's absolutely brilliant, and Luke and I have already decided we're seeing it again, regardless of the ridiculous amount of money the cinema costs these days! Go see it guys and girls, you won't be let down (I mean if Rogen's stuff is your sort of thing). Also, if you're interested, this guy (remember Sorcerer's Apprentice?) just brings a WHOLE new meaning to hot, geeky guy! Super cute.

Check out the trailer (link at the top) and let me know what you think if you see it!
Amy x

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