Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fantastic Times!

So first of all, large apologies for my insane lack of presence on this blog for WAY too long now, I have been so busy! Since I last spoke to you there has been a graduation, many birthdays (including my own, hello 22!) and best of all, my new internship! So, I'm into my third week at Chalk PR now, absolutely loving it, probably more than I should be. The team are just wonderful, and it's not one of those internships where you spend 90% of your day stapling or filing, I actually do important stuff, shocker! And have learnt a crazy amount in such a short space of I said, great team, really know what they're doing! Anyway, I got given some products from the clients, because obviously we have to know what we're promoting! So, will do some cheeky individual reviews on those soon, but to cut a long story short, all of them are absolutely cracking! Bumble & bumble are officially my new favourite haircare products, absolutely wonders and well worth the price tag, which I will have to start paying once this internship runs its course sadly. Anyway, here's a snippet and I will be back with reviews in no time! 


Monday, 8 July 2013

Bella Sorella and Tranquility

So Sunday was super hot in more ways than one! Not only was it a scorching 28 degrees (plus!), nor was it just the day that Andy Murray made history, it was also the grand opening of Bella Sorella's health and beauty salon! Tranquility! For those of you who aren't aware, Bella Sorella is Lydia Bright's (TOWIE) store and it is filled with the MOST beautiful clothing. So much so that I spent more money that I don't have on a graduation dress (you will see soon, don't want to ruin the surprise!). Anyway, Lydia decided that she wanted to add some diversity and introduced a small in-store salon, owned by none other than my lovely cousin Victoria! So Lauren and I got a chance to go and check out her second salon, and boy was it a TREAT!

Victoria and I, with a very pregnant Kate in the background!
Treated to some champers!

And some delicious canap├ęs, have to say I pretty much devoured this whole plate!
So not only does she stock cracking clothes and skincare, but also some of the most beautiful accessories!

The beautiful Miss Moore!
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Got treated to this guys wonderful voice too, was so good, and he had written some truly beautiful tunes, will have to find out his name, I was probably too busy browsing to ask!
The two lovely ladies and myself, trying to look nice whilst staring directly at the sun...
So all in all, it was a wonderful day! And the staff and hostesses were absolutely fantastic! Check out the links above if you're interested in any of their products, which you should be...honest!Amy x

Monday, 1 July 2013

An Afternoon with the Wren Brothers

Pitch and Putt!

I don't know what's happened to Luke recently but he keeps coming up with these cracking ideas! And yesterday it was Pitch and Putt! And we got brother Wren involved too! Now, I'm no good on a golf course of any sort, so I thought I'd wear a t-shirt so lairy that it distracted them, and to some extent it work, because I only lost by a point to Luke (lost by like a million to Adam) and probably would have won if I hadn't been so pants on the first hole! The hat is the only thing in my car we could find to remove my hair from my face...stupid wind, much to Luke's displeasure I walked around looking like this all day. And, I mean I actually love this t-shirt so much! Reminds me of those big tees you throw on after a day at the beach! Plus, it's actually Luke's t-shirt so I don't know WHAT he was whining about!

Adam, whilst measuring at around 6ft 3" had a golf club the same length as mine, they don't discriminate at this fine establishment....

Luke wasn't laughing for long, especially when started parring more than me each round...mwahaha!

Not sure Adam quite cracked this look, but he gave it a try and we managed to distract Luke again, so was definitely a WIN situation! So finally, I admitted defeat and succumbed to the 'loser buys ice cream' deal I had so foolishly suggested before we'd even started. Then we headed to the pub for some well deserved Koppabergs and Stella, where conversation about 'tedious' links and how everyone magically knows everyone was most interesting! 

All in all, another great idea from Luke and an absolutely smashing afternoon. If you're bored this Summer, find a pitch and putt! It's so much fun, even if you lose!
Amy x
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