Sunday, 22 September 2013

Summer Memories

Having spent my Saturday night inside cleaning, ironing and tidying, something obviously ever 22 year old dreams of doing, I started feeling a little bit sorry for myself. Especially when I felt the need to turn on the heating! So, I decided to go swanning through my Summer holiday photos, and here are some I thought I would share with you, so we can all say farewell together!

From Slovenia to Croatia to Hungary, it was a bloody good trip. The sun goes down and the music stops on yet another Summer well spent (how cheesy!)
Amy x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Some Goodies From Burt's Bees

So as I have mentioned a fair few times, I've got very temperamental skin and when it comes to Winter everything just gets a million times worse. So, I thought I'd seize the opportunity to test out some Burt's Bees stuff (c/o) that I've heard a lot about. 

First up was the Honey and Shea Sugar Scrub (£12.99) and, well let's just say, I am not at all surprised that it's one awards!  Being a sugar based scrub, as opposed to a salt based one, I didn't feel dry and my skin wasn't irritated (bonus points!) plus it smells so good, I could eat it! (Probably wouldn't taste as nice). For a scrub to be so effective so quickly for me, is such a strange occurrence, but it was, and I loved it and recommend it to you all!

Secondly was the Hand Salve (£9.99), which I was told was great for any dry skin patches you might have elsewhere than your hands. It's a bit difficult to apply at first, as it doesn't have a cream texture and more of a balm but once you get into it, it lies on your skin and sinks in beautiful. I genuinely feel smoother after one night of application! Especially in combination with the Sugar Scrub I feel like myself and Burt's Bees can conquer Winter together. 

Finally, the Foot Cream (£12.99), well it's not really a cream and more of a gel, which is why I way prefer it to any others I've had so far! It's quite thick, but I put it on overnight and my feet still feel silky smooth. I've not really had a chance to determine it's long term effects, but I have high hopes and will keep you updated.

I love the Burt's Bees stuff, and am ashamed to say I didn't know how big the range was, everyone loves the lip balm, but I didn't quite know what to expect from some of their other stuff and I am happy to say that so far so great! Plus, it's Christmas time soon (thinking of Christmas in September, I should be jailed) and they would make wonderful gifts for others...or for yourself! 

Amy x

Monday, 16 September 2013

The MyAsho Press RE-Launch

If anyone fancies buying me this jacket anytime soon, I wouldn't mind at all!

The Three Interns!

MyAsho Creator Dolapo Shobanjo

The most delicious chicken ever!

Bestow Elan Designer and Dolapo Shobanja

Was crushing on this lovely lady's outfit all night, I wish I could have got a picture of her shoes!

Posing for a photo with the beautiful Kyla Moran after working all day and being absolutely shattered was a sure way of making me look so good...

So, Fluorescent did it again! Pulled off another swanky event, but this time we had Prosecco! The has been relaunched and has so many amazing pieces on offer, whilst also launching it's new sister site: with some more affordable but equally as brilliant pieces! The designers are all of African heritage and that beautiful, rich culture is shown so wonderfully throughout all of the pieces whilst also maintaining a contemporary, 'in-trend' edge. I fell in love with a jacket, and in fact I haven't stopped banging on about it all bloody week, I think Louisa and Gemma are glad it's over! 

Anyway, we had such a great day and night; got to meet some of the designers, enjoy the ambiance and meet the lovely Kyla Moran who didn't do me any favours by being the nicest person ever, if she'd been horrible it would have made me so much more less jealous of that face and those eyebrows...move over Cara! But honestly, check out the website and the pieces they are just SUPER fantastic!

Amy x


Sunday, 15 September 2013

She Doesn't Look A Day Over 30!

When I asked my sister to smile I got this...
so I asked her again and got this... which she answered, "I am smiling with my eyes can't you tell?" That's my girl.

Loving this pink fluffy jumper, just a little too much maybe?

Hysteria sets in...take me home to bed!

I cannot believe it's been a year since we last celebrated my wonderful mother's birthday, but it has, and to thank my hard-working, beautiful mother we took her to a delicious restaurant! One of my personal favourites, Graham's on the Green! Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday they weren't serving from the A La Carte Menu, but still what we had was bloody delicious! I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of my roast beef, yorkshire puds, roast potatoes and what not, but the chicken terrine I had to start and the puddings everyone else had had their moment in the spotlight! However, towards the end tiredness began to turn my sister and I slightly delusional and with a camera in hand that is never a good thing. But honestly, if you have never been, I recommend Graham's whole-heartedly! Although maybe avoid Sunday because the A La Carte Menu is to die for!

Amy x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Amy Goes To London Fashion Week!

Look at me channelling this season's Winter Pastels trend, click here to shop my jumper!

So the day finally arrived where I got to attend London Fashion Week! Thanks to Laurel from Fluorescent PR, I had a golden ticket, also known as a seat for the John Rocha SS14 show. So, having not had a chance to shop for an outfit and feeling fairly unwell, I braved the rain and headed over to Somerset House to ogle at the fashionistas and John Rocha's new SS collection. Thankfully I met up with Chloe (another Fluorescent PR lady) and together we figured out how not to look completely and utterly lost at LFW. 

We were surrounded by the beautiful, fashion savvy men and women of the world, including the unexpectedly tall Lady Victoria Hervey and two of my favourite bloggers: Danielle Bernstein and Andy Torres (had an embarrassing star struck, giggly school girl moment that I am slightly ashamed of, but too excited to care about!). Furthermore there were the women in the extraordinary hats, the twins who looked like they were on a ski slope circa 1985 (loud, in your face fashion, not my kind of thing, but they did catch everyone's attention!), two of the most dapper fellows I have ever seen just having a casual chat whilst the world took photos of them and finally one of the ushers seemed highly flattered when I asked to take a picture of her shoes, but I mean come on now, they are amazing! I mean it was a pretty weird experience for someone who has never been, but nonetheless it was amazing. 

So then finally we presented our tickets and made our way into the showroom, which some plonker had let the standing people into first so they nicked loads of the press' seats, so it was a battle to get my seat, but you bet Chloe and I managed to get cracking seats and enjoy the show from a nice comfy position! The show began, and I got LOADS of pictures, but stupidly left my Canon at home so got that top notch iPhone quality instead...anyway the black and white dresses were my favourite! If I had a red carpet event, that black dress would be my first port of call! It was such a great experience, and I'll never forget my first show! Not to mention the lovely free, but slightly odd, drink we got after! Looking forward to all the other shows I will be going to from now on....hopefully!

Amy x

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