Sunday, 15 September 2013

She Doesn't Look A Day Over 30!

When I asked my sister to smile I got this...
so I asked her again and got this... which she answered, "I am smiling with my eyes can't you tell?" That's my girl.

Loving this pink fluffy jumper, just a little too much maybe?

Hysteria sets in...take me home to bed!

I cannot believe it's been a year since we last celebrated my wonderful mother's birthday, but it has, and to thank my hard-working, beautiful mother we took her to a delicious restaurant! One of my personal favourites, Graham's on the Green! Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday they weren't serving from the A La Carte Menu, but still what we had was bloody delicious! I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of my roast beef, yorkshire puds, roast potatoes and what not, but the chicken terrine I had to start and the puddings everyone else had had their moment in the spotlight! However, towards the end tiredness began to turn my sister and I slightly delusional and with a camera in hand that is never a good thing. But honestly, if you have never been, I recommend Graham's whole-heartedly! Although maybe avoid Sunday because the A La Carte Menu is to die for!

Amy x

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