Monday, 16 September 2013

The MyAsho Press RE-Launch

If anyone fancies buying me this jacket anytime soon, I wouldn't mind at all!

The Three Interns!

MyAsho Creator Dolapo Shobanjo

The most delicious chicken ever!

Bestow Elan Designer and Dolapo Shobanja

Was crushing on this lovely lady's outfit all night, I wish I could have got a picture of her shoes!

Posing for a photo with the beautiful Kyla Moran after working all day and being absolutely shattered was a sure way of making me look so good...

So, Fluorescent did it again! Pulled off another swanky event, but this time we had Prosecco! The has been relaunched and has so many amazing pieces on offer, whilst also launching it's new sister site: with some more affordable but equally as brilliant pieces! The designers are all of African heritage and that beautiful, rich culture is shown so wonderfully throughout all of the pieces whilst also maintaining a contemporary, 'in-trend' edge. I fell in love with a jacket, and in fact I haven't stopped banging on about it all bloody week, I think Louisa and Gemma are glad it's over! 

Anyway, we had such a great day and night; got to meet some of the designers, enjoy the ambiance and meet the lovely Kyla Moran who didn't do me any favours by being the nicest person ever, if she'd been horrible it would have made me so much more less jealous of that face and those eyebrows...move over Cara! But honestly, check out the website and the pieces they are just SUPER fantastic!

Amy x


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