Wednesday, 11 September 2013

TK Maxx Press Launch

The TK Maxx Mocktail

I want these pearls!

Forced infront of the camera to show of the 'Print' trend I was wonderfully representing, totally unprepared, please excuse my sweaty work swept face!
Yummmmm, I love bronze jewellery, always makes me feel like I should be wearing a Toga and drinking wine.
Leroy Dawkins, Rachel Bishop (My lovely boss and Head Hostess) and Prince Cassius 

So yesterday was the TK Maxx Press Launch, and although I was working and not one of the many esteemed guests, it was still pretty darn good! Stress levels were high at work, but in the end it got pulled off spectacularly. The aim was to show off the new trends the TK Maxx have been buying up and showing off, whilst also presenting the new jewellery counter that will be in place in selected TK Maxx stores! 

So drinks were flowing (non-alcoholic of course) and the TK Maxx mocktail was a hit, as were the clothes chosen and styled by the lovely Rachel Davis (TK Maxx stylist). What was even more impressive was the hosting, the Fluorescent PR team were helpful and cheerful (if I do say so myself) even after a gruelling day. I have to say my favourite trend was the Punk Rebel, they had some great pieces that I wish I had just bought there and then, sadly I had to leave them looking pretty on the rails for the rest of the fashion hungry world to see. 

Admittedly, I didn't know much about TK Maxx, but after this show I am a definite convert! I can't believe the amazing pieces we could get and the insane discounts! Put it this way, we found a dress from a high end designer that was once an insane $14,000 for just $399.99, I mean that is an absolute bargain, plus it was beautiful. However, on an intern's salary, just a little out of my price range. 

Overall, it was my first event and it was exciting; swanning about looking at clothes and meeting/chatting the press and some wonderful bloggers. I get to do it all over again for the next press event tomorrow night for a different brand, will keep you all updated! 

Amy x

All Photos By Phil Panting

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