Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Has Come Early!

Cream Eyeliner - £3.75, All Over Cover Stick - £1.50 and Total Face Brush - £1.50 
Blush - £3.75 

Colour Correcting High Definition Powder - £6.00

So, I might be a little late off the mark here, but a friend of mine recommended ELF (Eyes Lips Face) to me recently, as she knows I spend WAY too much money on make up...and put it this way, I am SO impressed! Basically, the company does not do any big sales promotions what-nots, so that's no advertising, no sponsorship, NADA. So by saving big on that stuff, they make life a lot cheaper for us! Normally, I'm such a price snob so when I saw the super low cost, I wasn't really keen. But after a month of usage, I have been fully put in my place. I have a bit of a red face, goodness knows why, but this is the best colour correction I have used, it stays on all day and leaves me with a wonderful tone. All great products, I really recommend using them, maybe test a few out like I did to make sure they work well with your skin, and then splash out, like I am just about to do!

Friday, 22 November 2013

20s Time Warp

Prohibition Night At the Drawing Board

So, we all donned our best suits and glitzy flapper dresses, along with any fur we could get our hands on, and headed to the Drawing Board to enjoy a night of 1920s flair! The drinks were all 1920s and the music was a modern twist of the enjoyable 1920s jazz and swing (thank you Great Gatsby soundtrack) and the night was bloody fantastic! 

If any of you reading are North Yorkshire lads or lasses, Drawing Board is a new bar opened up on New Street in York City Centre. There are amazing cocktails for just £3 and it's open until 4am (way past my bed time!), plus you get the chance to scribble whatever you like all over their walls! Highly recommended!
Amy x

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