Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Has Come Early!

Cream Eyeliner - £3.75, All Over Cover Stick - £1.50 and Total Face Brush - £1.50 
Blush - £3.75 

Colour Correcting High Definition Powder - £6.00

So, I might be a little late off the mark here, but a friend of mine recommended ELF (Eyes Lips Face) to me recently, as she knows I spend WAY too much money on make up...and put it this way, I am SO impressed! Basically, the company does not do any big sales promotions what-nots, so that's no advertising, no sponsorship, NADA. So by saving big on that stuff, they make life a lot cheaper for us! Normally, I'm such a price snob so when I saw the super low cost, I wasn't really keen. But after a month of usage, I have been fully put in my place. I have a bit of a red face, goodness knows why, but this is the best colour correction I have used, it stays on all day and leaves me with a wonderful tone. All great products, I really recommend using them, maybe test a few out like I did to make sure they work well with your skin, and then splash out, like I am just about to do!

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