Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day

So, I am now snuggled up in a cosy Chalet in France, but thought I'd share a few Boxing Day Snaps with you all. It starts off with a Trinidadian tradition: BBQ'd garlic pork for breakfast, can't say that's one I tend to participate in, but apparently it is delicious!

My sister and I were in charge of setting up the table, and she kindly made the wonderful name tags for our party of 14!

Reggie gets reunited with his brother upon the arrival of my cousins, aunts and uncles!

The women all in the kitchen...accompanying my mother the great cook! Watch out Delia!
The newest member of our family, little baby Benny!
My lovely cousin Victoria and I

The evening ended with Santa's little helper, Joey, handing out presents to then be pleasantly surprised by his own LEGO city! Oh, the joy on his little face really topped the evening off finely! So lovely to be surrounded by family, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Expect lots of snowy blog posts to be uploaded soon!

Amy x

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