Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Wish List

Here is my Christmas List...a finally cut down Christmas list albeit, but still the main things I would love Santa to bring me this year! Christmas is pretty much a 'go wild' sort of thing in my family, presents are in abundance! However, it's always the week after Christmas that I always realise I forgot to ask for something that I really needed, and was way more important than that One Direction album I asked for...

So, this year I've covered the most important and most dreamt about things!
  1. All Mine – Topshop - £80: I will not be happy until these are All Mine!
  2. Abbingdon Crew – Jack Wills - £98.50: I’m a sucker for a Christmas jumper.
  3. Russian Red Lipstick – Mac - £15: I’ve been craving this bad boy for a while, I mean I hope I look like some super sexy Russian with it, but I’m not holding my breath!
  4.  Tim Walker Storyteller – Waterstones - £45
  5. Rucksack – Accessorize - £35: Carrying laptop and books to the library has done an absolute number on my back, this is now a Christmas necessity!
  6. They’re Real Mascara – Benefit –£19.50: there is a reason this is the UK's number one mascara, I have finally found the mascara made for me.
  7. Chanel Boy Bag: My if I win the lottery present, eugh one can dream.
  8. Lib Tech Skate Banana - Approx. £400 - Fingers crossed, after my snowboarding trip this Christmas, this bad boy will be mine at last!
Amy x

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