Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Star Inn the City (Insta-Meal)

So, on the rare occasion that my parents come to visit me at uni, I try and wow them with the finest things York has to offer. It's my mission to encourage them to come up for often, and well, thank you The Star Inn the City, because mission complete. 

So, our bread was served in an old (but clean) hat, which carried on the rustic sort of theme running throughout the restaurant and meal.

Dad was genuinely so excited by the prospect of the chicken he ordered (see below!)

I ordered the duck, in my opinion it was the best decision! It was cooked perfectly, and the 'jus' and homemade sauces surrounding it just added to the perfection.

All Yorkshire berries!


Friday, 25 July 2014

23rd Birthday Celebrations!

So despite Blink 182 telling me that 'nobody likes you when you're 23,' I had a wonderful birthday spent with my family (Okay, maybe I took those lyrics slightly out of context). Morning was spent shopping in London, where I was bought a spanking new watch from Michael Kors (late to the party I know, but I love it!). Then we headed into Chelmsford for dinner. So, Chelmsford isn't exactly the most amazing/interesting place to dine, not like York or London, so when places like Olio pop-up, we get pretty excited!

Top from Topshop, here, £39.

The problem with having a 12 year old sister who is just shy of 5ft 9" is that she makes the rest of us look pretty darn short...

The restaurant was so lovely, not to mention the staff who weren't overbearing or false in anyway, plus they were down with my dad's awful 'banter' so massive points to them for that! Finally, as a victim of the ever so annoying 'lactose intolerance' menace, any restaurant that puts sorbet on the menu is an absolutely winner for me!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Sun Will Come Out...Today!

So, those of you who live in the North will understand how momentous an occasion the arrival of the sunshine is. It's a big deal. So what is a bigger deal is when the sun comes out and actually stays for more than a day! So, my new roomie (Mike) and I decided to enjoy the glorious morning and play with my camera (Mike's learning how to use all the buttons, doing pretty well so far!) Additionally, it's a perfect excuse to crack out all the Summer dresses that have just been gathering dust on my clothes rail (this one is from Topshop, not sure it's still in stock though!). 

The sun is out, it's cause to jump for joy.

I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's sunshine related picture, it's making library days a little bit more enjoyable! Although, those of you on holiday, envy boils up pretty quickly inside me...
Amy x
p.s. I hope you're all enjoying the tennis as much as I am, especially the Bulgarian babe that is Dimitrov. 
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