Saturday, 30 August 2014

Snakey New Shoes!

So, I did a bit more shopping, and in the words of the Mask..."Somebody STOP ME." But really don't, i'm enjoying it far too much. And I stumbled across two of my new favourite Autumn pieces. First of all this smashing picnic blanket cape that's going down quite a treat; so comfy and adds a bit of chic to a bog standard black jeans and black top situation when feeling lazy. So that's always a winner. Then secondly, these fabulous faux python pointy sandal/shoe (enough adjectives there?)! My favourite blogger Miss Danielle Bernstein has got me hooked on pointy shoes. ASOS has been my friend. Also snapped up was this black shell top, with a little mesh insert at the bottom (appropriate for work?), but that's just nowhere near as fun as the other two things! 

Having an EJ Johnson moment here, love this cape so much!
Amy x

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