Sunday, 14 September 2014

On Sundays We Bake: Lactose Free Brownies!

So, i've been lactose intolerant since I can remember. Most of my life I spent ignoring it, especially when it came to chocolate, and just accepting the painfully unattractive consequences. As I grew up, I realised this was definitely not the way forward. For some reason, over the past couple of years the number of lactose free products on the shelves has quadrupled, which is smashing for my tastebuds and chocolate cravings. One, of my favourite things ever are brownies! So here's a really simple recipe to satisfy those cravings:


125g Dairy Free Butter or Margarine (I opted for Vitalite, the internet reviews persuaded me)
120g Dairy Free Chocolate (Green and Black's 'may contain milk' so if you're SUPER super strict, opt for something that has NO chance of containing any milk, as of yet, G&B has yet to kill me)
40g Ground Almonds (if you love almonds, then feel free to whap up the content to 60gs)
90g Cocoa Powder
70g Self raising flour
300g Caster Sugar
4 medium eggs (the fresher the better!)


Step 1: Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees (this is for a fan oven, a normal oven have it on 180-190) and grease up a shallow tray (or deep if you want to slice it like bread!)

Step 2: Mix together your cocoa powder, caster sugar, self-raising flower and ground almonds

Step 3: Put the butter/margarine in a heat proof bowl, and place it on top of a pan of simmering hot water (not too hot, otherwise the chocolate may burn!) Making sure the bowl doesn't touch the water either. Stir gently until it's all completely melted and looks all silky smooth!

Step 4: Try your best to resist the temptation to just eat all that yummy chocolate, and pour it into the cocoa powder etc. mixture and mix until the chocolate sauce is all covered up and it kind of looks like cookie dough.

Step 5: Whisk up some eggs until they're dripping smooth and add them to the mixture until it's as smooth as you can get it (see the picture).

Step 6: Pour it into the greased-up tray and pop it in the oven, and then enjoy the 20-25 minutes of  relaxing whilst enjoying the chocolatey scent that will be wafting through your kitchen (and if you're lucky throughout the rest of your house!)

Step 7: Take it out of the oven, it should be nice and crispy on top whilst soft in the middle. 

Step 8: Sprinkle some icing sugar, or decorate how you wish (nuts, dairy free chocolate drops, you get the gist!). 


Let me know if you have any tips that can make this bites of heaven any tastier! And enjoy!
Amy x

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