Friday, 17 October 2014

Muriel's Kitchen - South Kensington

So, where to get a good hearty breakfast in London? If you appreciate a good breakfast, and aren't looking to break the bank or have too many frills then try Muriel's Kitchen. Plus, they switch it up monthly to bring you different dishes, how nice of them is that? Let's just hope they don't swap out any personal favourites please! As we walked in we were immediately met with temptation! The tongs were just sitting in the muffin baskets screaming TAKE ME, my mum actually had to be shuffled along and reminded that we were here for breakfast (she bought one afterwards). 

The decor was all just a little bit too cute! I even went so far as to comment the 'matte white tiling' they had used on the walls (am I getting old?).

Mum went for a good old coffee to wake her up, but I thought I'd try a 'Vitamin Hug,' because who doesn't like to be healthy and enjoy a hug at the same time? Well, this was one of the best hugs ever: apple, orange, carrot and ginger and so beautifully blended (I resisted asking which blender they used to make this delicious creation - less old?).

Mum opted for a scrambled eggs/omlette, inside a English muffin with crispy bacon concoction...

...whilst I opted for the 'ULTIMATE SAUSAGE SARNIE' (as described in the menu), although I feel like it may not have lived up to it's name, probably because I was SUPER hungry and had some pretty damn high expectations. It was a delicious farmhouse bread sarnie with cumberland sausages, and roasted onions and tomatoes! Nom nom nom!

So, like I said, you want a good breakfast and happen to be in South Kensington, Soho or Leicester Square, go try out one of Muriel's Kitchens (go Muriel!) and enjoy yourself! 


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