Friday, 26 June 2015

A weekend in the Swedish Countryside

In a magical world, just a little distance away, there is a beautiful place called Eskilstorps Ängar (yep, I can’t pronounce it either). I had the honour and privilege of being invited to this little beach side location, in the Swedish countryside, to celebrate a ‘Typical Swedish Midsummer’.

Now, a typical Swedish midsummer consists of flowers, games, singing and rain, and this year did not fail to bring it. Whilst my Swedish friends speak better English than I do, I was somewhat apprehensive being pleasantly stranded in the middle of a nowhere whose language I can’t even begin to comprehend. But, hoorah, a lovely surprise is that ALL Swedes apparently speak better English than I do.

Our trip extended over the weekend, and we experienced the wonders of the city of Malmö. There was the beautiful tribute to Swedish hero Raoul Wallenberg (the Swedish Schindler, who saved tens of thousands of Jews), the sensational rollercoaster my taste buds went on when eating CASHEW ice cream (dairy free woop woop! Thank you Köld!) and a walk through a park that can only be described as resembling the Tri-Wizard tournament, musical band and all!

Then there was Skana, or as I like to call it the Swedish-Miami Beach! Amazing sailing yachts, white sands, blue seas and even better, MORE sorbet and ice-cream.

Effectively, I spent four days living in a fairy tale, with wild horses and fields of daisies. And not forgetting the Princes - the wonderful Swedish gentlemen/Vikings that I have the pleasure to call friends, and who were the ultimate hosts!

The message here? Get some Swedish friends, visit the Swedish countryside, and do it soon!

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