Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DIY - The solution to my necklace issue

So, this has been getting on my nerves for some time. Necklaces and headphones are the bane of my life. You just have to put them down for thirty seconds and boom! They've magically gotten themselves tangled up tighter than Ed Snowden and this whistle-blowing situation.

I'm not a fan of those stands you can get a) because I just don't believe they work or accommodate necklaces of all different lengths and sizes and b) well I just don't like them.

So, you can imagine my relief when I finally figured out a plan. Some of you might think this is a "good one - finally the penny has dropped" sarcasm moment. Well, sorry to you DIY geniuses. But others may find solace in seeing my solution and thinking they can do the same.

It's super simple, all you need is a vertical surface, a hammer and some picture frame hooks and VOILA...

I've placed mine next to my mirror because I conveniently have a lovely wooden bookshelf just perfect for hammering nails into!

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