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What is Highly Strung? 
Once upon a time these two words pretty much described me perfectly, and probably this was probably not the best thing in the world. Times have changed and things have moved on. But instead of seeing this description as something negative, I've tried to turn it into something positive and creative. 

Here's a little bit about myself, that I feel you should be aware of if I am imploring you to listen to my musings! I decided to create this blog because, well, I have a love to create things that I can share with others, whilst also getting to waffle on in writing. Plus, I think you are all fascinating, and the first thing I do when I wake up is trawl the internet for one mesmerising piece of information after another, so thank you for providing, now I just hope to contribute! 

It's a blog about everything, whatever I fancy posting that day, whatever I think about that morning, and I hope you appreciate it. I have a vast array of useless knowledge stored in my head, and an interest in films and movies that's bordering on obsession, and finally I'm a little obsessed with clothes and travelling like most women in their early 20s. 

Amy x

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